Big Skies Projects

PART I | Online Form

To qualify for Big Skies Projects funding, your project needs to meet the following basic requirements; it needs to be:

  1. based in nearby and similarly rural areas to Hopetown in the Northern Cape; and

  2. encourage learning, fun, self-discipline and/or teamwork;

  3. for young people between the ages of 3 and 20; and

  4. who come from backgrounds and/or communities with very limited financial resources.

Only applications that meet the requirements listed above will be responded to.

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How does it encourage learning, fun, self-discipline and/or teamwork?
As the applicant for funding, please provide some information on your involvement in the Project.
Please provide an exact amount of how much funding you require.
Please provide some information on what you intend to use the funds for? Please try and be as specific as possible, and include information on when and where you intend to use the funds.