Our History

Where it all began…

The seeds of Big Skies Foundation can be found in a joint effort between Roux Pecans and Rhumveld Winter & Konijn B.V. to provide assistance to Grange Primêr at Witput, the local farm school closest to Roux Pecans, in the form of funding for basic school supplies and the upgrade of dilapidated school buildings.

Having witnessed the difference these initial efforts made, and with desire to do more, a registered non profit company – Big Skies Foundation – was subsequently incorporated in South Africa, to create an appropriate vehicle to further the work already done in uplifting the access and quality of education in the local area.

While we continue to focus funds towards Grange Primêr, the establishment of Big Skies Foundation means that we can set our sights on more long-term and enduring initiatives that can tackle the educational enrichment of individuals and rural communities more purposively.

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