Big Skies Projects


Big Skies Foundation receives its funding from the spontaneous generosity of people and companies who share our philosophy and want to help us reach our goals.

That said, there is no saying when we may or may not have funding, and so we plan accordingly!

Our primary project is an annual bursary programme - the Big Skies Bursary - however, we sometimes have extra funds available that we would like use for other meaningful projects - Big Skies Projects.


Big Skies Foundation currently has a particular interest in projects that:

  1. are based in nearby and similarly rural areas to us; and

  2. encourage learning, fun, self-discipline and/or teamwork; for

  3. young people between the ages of 3 and 20; and

  4. who come from backgrounds and/or communities with very limited financial resources.


Big Skies Projects

Apply for funding


The two part application process can be briefly outlined as follows:

PART I | Complete the Application Form

  • Only projects that are shortlisted on the criteria above will be invited to participate in PART II

PART II | an interview

  • You will have an with one of the directors from Big Skies Foundation

  • Based on this interview, a project will be selected for Big Skies Projects funding

  • The finer details of the selection criteria are confidential and subject to the discretion of the Big Skies Foundation directors.

Application dates

Any time

apply for FUNDING

If you would like to apply for Big Skies Projects funding, you can complete the online form below:

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