Our Mission

Colour in a Future

Big Skies Foundation is a non-profit company which aims to bridge the gap between the dreams of remote, rural based children in South Africa, and the financial resources required to achieve them.


Dedicated to Change.

Our non-profit company (NPC) model is simple: there are no overheads for administration or salaries, so every cent we receive is channeled directly back into our initiatives.


Our History

Curiosity with how the local school close to Roux Pecans ran itself is essentially where our Big Skies Foundation began. Small efforts into addressing the schools basic needs and maintenance, drew the attention of our business partners, friends and family; snowballing the movement into the formal structure it is today.

Our Structure

Big Skies Foundation is led by a robust board of individuals cross the agricultural, financial, legal and marketing professions. All our administration and fundraising is done by ourselves and our friend and partner network, on a pro bono and voluntary basis. The structure is here for those who want to make a difference and who share our mission and philosophy. If you have a project you’d like to get off the ground, but lack the structures to do so, please get in touch.


Our Initiatives

Big Skies Foundation receives its funding from the spontaneous generosity of people and companies who share our philosophy and want to help us reach our goals.

We are currently running two initiatives. The Big Skies Bursary is our primary project, and if we have additional funding available, we are able to meaningfully distribute this through Big Skies Projects.



Our primary funding project is to financially support the dreams of rural-based children, by awarding bursaries to attend the best schools available in the areas that they live.



Big Skies Projects supports ad hoc, rural community-based initiatives that have a focus on young people and group activities.


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Big Skies Journal

Just a couple of the things we’ve been up to recently….